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Jeremy Oliver's Tasting Notes - May 2018

Paradise IV Chaumont Cabernet Shiraz Blend 2016

Chaumont 2016
XXXX Stars
95 /100
18.8 /20

Fragrant and perfumed, with deep scents of liqueur cherries, dark chocolates and sweet floral scents backed by earthy, stony aspects. It's long and generous, with a sumptuous presence of dark cherries, plums and berries that give fatness and weight over a fine, dusty spine of drying, crunchy tannins. It extends long and faintly citrusy - thanks to a small proportion of stalks - but culminates in a savoury finish of length and drive.

J.H. Dardel 2016
96 /100
19.0 /20 exceptional wine of character, style and complexity. A deeply, lustrous perfume of cassis, dark plums, blood orange, dark chocolate, dried herbs and musky spices overlies a subtle underlay of minerals, tobacco and musk. Supported by fine, crunchy tannins, it's long, savoury and mineral to finish, with an even, luscious core of black and red fruits, citrus notes and a lingering suggestion of fennel, graphite, dried herbs and spice.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Recently, renowned Australian wine critic Huon Hooke tasted the 4 Paradise IV wines from the 2016 vintage. Huon is regarded as one of the hardest and yet fairest reviewers in our industry. What is most important in his regime of tasting is that he rarely tastes more than 24 wines a day and he watches the wines evolve over the course of the day. This is a rare approach that shows incredible respect for the makers.

It was incredibly gratifying to see his reviews of our wines, and to see how he has ranked them amongst some of our industry's greatest producers.

Paradise IV Chaumont 2016 was ranked 2nd best Cabernet blend in Australia 2016 (1st Yarra Yering Nol 2016, 2nd Paradise IV Chaumont 2016, 3rd Yarra Yering Agincourt 2016, 4th Cullen Diana Madeline)

Paradise IV J.H.Dardel was ranked 4th best shiraz of 2016 for Australia behind Bests Bin O 2016, Clonakilla Syrah 2016, Chateau Tanunda Terroirs of Barossa 2016.



Medium to deep yellow, slightly forward colour. The bouquet is shy but complex: malty, yeasty, creamy and vanillan, with a trace of almond. The palate is full and round, the 7 grams/litre acidity is not felt at all, indeed it is pillow-soft. The 28% new oak has been swallowed up by the richness of the wine, as has the 28% malolactic. A superb wine which manages to combine generosity with finesse. (limestone soil; 120 cases made)

95 points XXXXX stars


Light to medium yellow colour; the bouquet showing a touch of spice thanks to the viognier - but not enough to be overtly viognier-like let alone apricotty. The palate is tight and fine, tense and dry to close, with excellent balance and refreshing properties. An interesting and stylish blend. (80% chardonnay, 18% viognier, 2% sauvignon blanc - which is only there for its acidity)

93 points XXXX


Very deep red colour with a good tint of purple, the bouquet tobacco-like at first and eerily reminiscent of Saint-Emilion. As it airs, the black berry fruits and earthy mineral nuances rise up and dominate. It's full-bodied and firm in the finish, but without any hint of greenness in the flavours or tannins. The structure is exemplary. The shiraz fills the middle-palate without being obvious, allowing the cabernets to carry the wine.

(85% cabernet sauvignon, 12% shiraz, 3% cabernet franc)



Deep red/purple hue and an intensely spicy, fragrant, aromatic bouquet, which holds a lot of black pepper and some dried herb notes. The palate is elegant but full-bodied, with gritty graphite-like tannins and an uncannily Rhone-ish personality. Long, balanced finish with cleansing tannins. A ripping cool-climate shiraz.



Jeremy Oliver's Good Wine Guide 2017

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Over the last decade or so, Stephane Ogier has raised the bar in just about every way possible for his estate in Cte Rtie: purchasing new vineyards, replanting existing sites, working hard to develop an AOC for Seyssuel and building a completely new cellarall the while continuing to produce a bevy of brilliant wines. Today, the estate is unquestionably in the top handful of domaines in the Rhne Valley. JEB DUNNUCK, The Wine Advocate

Doug Neal and Ruth and Graham Bonney have transformed the rebirth of what began as Moorabool Estate into one of the most inspiring labels in Victorian wine: Paradise IV. The wines are rustic, unashamedly reductive and deliciously complex, delivering a line of purity and elegance before a finish of length and refinement. They will help to redefine Australian shiraz into the next decade and beyond. JEREMY OLIVER

To say we are extremely excited about Stephane's first visit to Australia is a gross understatement. We have been importing and selling these wines for many years now and from day one we knew that Ogier was destined to become a benchmark producer in the Northern Rhone. He has not only reached this goal but exceeded even our high expectations and now he is unquestionably one of the pinnacle producers of Syrah anywhere in the world.

He was joined last Saturday but Doug Neal to show you all their wines. What is the link here I imagine some of you are asking. Quite simply both of these winemakers are at the top of the game in their respective countries when it comes to their wines. Both make exemplary Shiraz that has a strong emphasis on the place in which the fruit was grown and reflects the season. We have been huge fans of these two estates and had a belief that from the first time we tasted them they were two stars on the rise. In short the theme is that we think they are both Syrah visionaries and with much in common even though from opposite ends of the earth. Believe me, this is one of the most exciting tastings we have done in some time.



Anyone who has been shopping at PWS for a while will be aware of this winery and in particular the Dardel. Doug Neal must be one of Victoria's greatest producers of Shiraz, his Cab and Chardonnay are sensational as well, and in recent years has cemented his position at the top of the tree with a series of releases that have been nothing short of superb. His time working closely with Rick at Giaconda has instilled in him the understanding of what it really does take to consistently craft wines at this level and stylistically you can see the theme between the two. Paradise IV deserves to be regarded as a cult Australian producer and his 2016 Dardel seems to have broken in to another realm of quality again. I don't know if it is a vintage character or a product of his continuing deeper understanding of the site he works with but there is an extra X factor to this release that pushes it past excellent and in to the realms of the very best.

An interesting and rather frank conversation with the man recently lead to him explaining that he would not be sending his wines to critics before release from now on as he wanted long standing collectors to be able to purchase them before the scores are published and they sell out. You only need to check the points from Halliday or Oliver for previous releases of these wines to understand where he is coming from. It's a commendable position to take.

We can't stress enough how good this is, Michael and I tasted it, and both agreed that this was the best release of this wine to date. Don't miss it!

This is unbelievably good, I don't say that often about Australian reds (don't judge me). There has a graphite like edge and a surprisingly profound minerality that you rarely see in wines from Oz. The palate is darkly pitched, plum and blue/black berries underpinned by a waft of subtle wood smoke. There is an inherent power to the fruit here that takes a second to get your head around. It's brooding and a touch reserved, like a menacing figure waiting in the shadows to pounce, not some hulking beast but something more focused and poised. This really is terrific and I think will reward anyone who buys it with a really special wine experience given a little time in the cellar. Well played Doug!


5 Star Review of Paradise IV Winery by James Halliday

The former Moorabool Estate has been renamed Paradise IV for the very good reason that it is the site of the original Paradise IV Vineyard, planted in 1848 by Swiss vigneron Jean-Henri Dardel. It is owned by Ruth and Graham Bonney. The vineyard is planted on decomposed granite over limestone, an ideal structure. The winery has an underground barrel room, and the winemaking turns around wild yeast fermentation, natural mlf, gravity movement of the wine and so forth. Read more...

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Doug Neal and Ruth and Graham Bonney have transformed the rebirth of what began as Moorabool Estate into one of the most inspiring labels in Victorian wine: Paradise IV. Largely based around shiraz, the vineyard's collection of reds marries pure, beautifully presented fruit with fine, appropriately seasoned oak and the finest, crunchiest of tannin backbones - all at old-fashioned modestly alcoholic strengths. The wines are rustic, unashamedly reductive and deliciously complex, delivering a line of purity and elegance before a finish of length and refinement. They will help to redefine Australian shiraz into the next decade and beyond.
Jeremy Oliver

Time to add Paradise IV to the list of top Geelong producers. Indeed if Bannockburn, By Farr, Farr Rising, Lethbridge, Curlewis and Paradise IV got together and put the region's best foot forward as a collective, they would redefine opinion of the region.
Campbell Mattinson - The Wine Front

The new premium Paradise IV brand is producing some of the most exciting reds in the region with the Dardel IV evoking justified comparisons with the best northern Rhone Syrah.
Gen XY Wines